Link Cable wins “Channel of the Month” on r/letsplay!


Hooray for Reddit! We’re both pretty stoked that people like the channel and always welcome any feedback from the community as we continue this LP series.

Haven’t checked out Link Cable yet? We’re a couple of friends who play and discuss game design and have fun doing so! Check it out here:


We Play ThatGameCompany’s Atmospheric Desert Trek: Journey

Link Cable is a Let’s Play with two friends who are avid game design enthusiasts. Feel free to Like, Comment or Subscribe to our channel for frequent video game related content!

Ni No Kuni might just be around the corner, too!

Pikmin 2, Episode 6 – Link Cable

Let’s Play Some Torchlight 2! Episode 1 – Link Cable

We start fresh on a brand new journey in Runic’s awesome Action RPG.

Pikmin 2, Episode 5 – Link Cable

We finish up at Awakening Wood (for now) and head to the Perplexing Pool.
A quick note, this is after I took the time to replenish all of those poor Puple Pikmin I led to their deaths, so it’s a bit into that day.

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Luigi’s Mansion, Episode 1 – Link Cable

The start of the haunted classic, Luigi’s Mansion!

Star Fox Adventures, Episode 5 – Link Cable

I’m Fox McCloud, and low-speed crashes render me utterly helpless.

Pikmin 2, Episode 4 – Link Cable

This game is depressing sometimes.

Star Fox Adventures, Episode 4 – Link Cable

Sometimes curiosity can kill you. Or just get you a barrel to the face.

We’re so good at video games, guys.

Link Cable Thus Far

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Starfox Adventures:
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