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The Millions and Me: Individuality in an MMORPG [Guild Wars 2 Reflection]

Glorious GW2 Art

Image Credit: ArenaNet

I am largely impressed with Guild Wars 2 as a game, and even more so as an MMO. I am much more accustomed for this genre to prevent you from making decisions on how you would like to play until the game decides you’ve put in your time, reached a certain level, or have gathered a number of collectibles that vary in frivolity.Guild Wars 2 is of the philosophy that your time is not to be wasted (thank you) and gives you more options up front as to how you would like to spend it in game. It breaks down barriers of entry, but ones that didn’t really have to be there in the first place (more on that later).

That’s my favorite thing about it, but the aspect I’d like to consider today is your place among all of the other adventuring scoundrels in Tyria. Another one of the game’s shining beliefs is that your choices matter and affects the world. This can happen on a small scale, such as helping to rally a fallen player that you’ve stumbled across while adventuring (savin’ lives feels good man), or on a larger scale with commanding siege groups and taking keeps or stomping on big ol’ dragons. The sense of satisfaction feels amazing, but not quite as much as feeling like you’re making a difference. This is a crucial part of any social game, and one that ArenaNet executes with confidence. Why is it crucial? Well, consider basic human needs. We like to be appreciated for our actions, right? That’s essentially what drives most of our decisions in life, online or off.

This is also accomplished through tangible rewards, such as chests with loot or titles for your character. Not only do you get rewarded through gameplay, you get something to show for it too. Like a badge of honor, or friendship, or something. Every choice is rewarded in some way, though, not just by doing static quests, but participating in all aspects of the game. I even got some XP from saying hello to a guard. I’m such a good neighbor.

Have you played Guild Wars 2? Do you enjoy MMOs? It’s a game that I would highly recommend if you’re looking for another massive world to explore, but also if you value a game that will properly reward you for your time. It’s also worth mentioning that the game has a ridiculously high entertainment value for the price. With no monthly fees, you’re not going to be pressured into playing it every day either. See what I mean about respecting your time now?



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