Link Cable wins “Channel of the Month” on r/letsplay!


Hooray for Reddit! We’re both pretty stoked that people like the channel and always welcome any feedback from the community as we continue this LP series.

Haven’t checked out Link Cable yet? We’re a couple of friends who play and discuss game design and have fun doing so! Check it out here:


WoW, GW2 Beta Action, Updates & College Stuff

There haven’t been as many posts happening as of late, I know. Being in college does have its drawbacks, specifically when it comes to side projects, such as this. The blog is not abandoned in any way, and I have a few ideas in my head just waiting to hit the digital page. In the meantime though, I’m working on a variety of designs and trying to update my own site.

As far as video games go, I’ve been sticking to WoW for the time being. I am happy to say that my guidelines that I’ve established are more or less holding up. My Draenei Paladin is level 25 (I had to stop XP a couple of times so I didn’t outlevel Erik,) and I just recently finished both Bloodmyst and Redridge. We also took it upon ourselves to 2 man both Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep, with relative ease. But now that Erik is stopping WoW, I may have to resort to joining randoms, or…dare I say, soloing dungeons?!

Also, there’s a lot of buzz going on around Guild Wars 2’s beta registration. I have not signed up for it, and I have my Mac to thank for that. I just won’t be able to support the game on my current machine, Bootcamp or otherwise. Hopefully I’ll have a new gaming system before the game comes out, but here’s to hoping.

Speaking of GW2,¬†Mike Ferguson, a designer working on the World vs. World component of the game, is doing an AMA on Reddit today. For anyone who isn’t already aware and following, I’ll link it here:¬†

That’s all for now. I’m off to keep designing/gaming!