Let’s Talk About: How Portal 2’s Music Sums Up The Creative Process

Portal 2 SoundtrackVideo game music, or what my girlfriend lovingly describes as “bleep” music, is a larger part of my iTunes Library than anything else. I listen to it constantly, that means every day, and for many years. This has led to some awkward moments in high school when my friends and I, who were all sitting around a table in the cafeteria, would talk about music, and one person who eventually ask, “So Joe, what kind of music do you listen to?” to which I would have to give the blanket statement of “Anything that sounds good.” Sometimes they’d ask to see my music library on my iPod, so I would (begrudgingly) and wait for their confusion and then to ask me why I listen to Japanese guys and Mario.

Anyway, repressed high school memories aside, I never see myself listening to any less of the music from the games I love. They seem to always inspire me in some way, whether it is creatively or not. And lately I’ve been noticing how I connect to the Portal 2’s soundtrack whilst I work on whatever it is I have to do. I’m not talking about the entire soundtrack, or what the game is even about here, but three songs in general, found on volume 2. You’re probably familiar with them, though nobody really likes to bring them up from what I’ve noticed.

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