Let’s Talk About: Why You Should Play WoW In Slow-Motion

Image credit: Blizzard

World of Warcraft is a game that I used to play rather regularly during 2008-2011. As a college student, it was basically the equivalent of my entire entertainment budget since I don’t have the cash to afford new systems, or a better computer to keep playing new games. It was basically the most convenient way to spend my downtime when I wasn’t stressing out about projects. I enjoy a lot about the game, but one thing I noticed towards the end of my last active playing cycle is that after a while I started to become disconnected with the game. I did enjoy PvP, raiding (for a brief time period) and questing, but after playing for so long I started to know exactly what the game was throwing at me at all times. The only aspects of the game that I’d really get a rush were in the dynamic areas such as PvP, and even then I had such tunnel vision I forgot to question whether or not I was having fun anymore.

After a while WoW just becomes a chore, but only one that you sort of enjoy doing. I stopped because I grew more and more self-aware of just how much I had to force myself to care (plus I was now more aware with how flawed some systems were, more on that another time,) and by that time I really wanted to play other games. That was last summer, and recently I started playing again because I wanted to give it another shot, but before I re-subbed I took the time to question why I wanted to come back and how I could make the most of the experience without just falling into the same traps I had before.

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