Code Academy

This website teaches JavaScript as if it was literally walking you through it step by step. You earn “achievements” as you progress, and it’s pretty neat so far, though there are only three courses so far from the looks of it.




JoeI know I’ve posted this on facebook already, but this is going in the annals of history, dammit. I always approve of free self-education tools, especially quality ones. If you want a general understanding of a specific program, he probably covers it. Also, web development. It’s nothing but win!


Want to work in the Games Industry? Well… do I. And so do a lot of other people, actually. Which is why I figured I’d post this insightful lecture on the subject by Ubisoft creative director Jason VandenBerghe. Erik and I were present (we’re in the front row, on the left side), but I’ve already watched it again, and I suggest you do it too, since it provides some excellent motivation.

Anyway the entire presentation is around 80 minutes, so enjoy!

Establishing a Career in Video Games by Jason VandenBerghe